Our Company History

The Company Fritz Wellhöfer Omnibusunternehmen was found in 1974 by Fritz Wellhöfer who bought the bus company Rödel. Our company started with two busses.

At this time Fritz Wellhöfer pursued the forwarding company Kernstock, with about 20 busses, which was already found in the prewar time. Fritz Wellhöfer was supported by his wife and his two sons Rudolf and Roland. The younger son Roland was tragically killed by a traffic accident in 1982. Only three years later in 1985 Fritz Wellhöfer was killed by an accident as well. Therefore the company devolved to Rudolf Wellhöfer who was aged 29 years then. At that time the fleet of cars raised up to 15 busses. Next to the travel agency that Rudolf Wellhöfer found in 1980 he had to take over the administration of the company Fritz Wellhöfer overnight.

In cooperation with his travel agency he compiled his own travelling-programmes with shuttle services to Spain, Italy and Greece as well as skiing tours in the winter months. Because travel flights became cheaper by and by the touristic travels retrograded and Rudolf cognized that line operating was the future. Beside the school bus service Wellhöfer is running from the beginning till today, we are running concessional bus lines in this region as well as DB (Deutsche Bahn) lines. We tried to expand our bus lines out of this region.

After our company increased more and more, we built a new work yard with big and modern offices, an own gas station, a garage and a car wash plant. For the administration a new modern computer system was installed. Since that time all dispatching works are computer-supported. Our busses are maintained and repaired by our master mechanic.

In 1981 the company Wellhöfer became partner of the famous choir “Windsbacher Knabenchor”. After purchasing two tour busses our company accompanies the choir an all European nations.

By now Wellhöfer Omnibusunternehmen employs 62 staff members. 49 of our colleagues are bus drivers. The car fleet grew up to 31 modern omnibusses.