Our company philosophy

The success of our company bases on our company philosophy “quality, safety and best service”. With this philosophy and the help of 70 motivated employees we, the company Wellhöfer Omnibusunternehmen, look ahead optimistically.

Customer orientated

We look forward to new challenges by our customer´s needs. Our focus is on customer satisfaction, therefore we aim our companies goals to satisfy, meet and exceed our customers needs.
Our costumer is our partner and we always put them first.

Direction and administration

It’s very important to our management that our personnel feel comfortable in the company in order to use their skills for the good of the company in return.


Our well-skilled, trained and committed personnel are the key to our success and duration.

Process orientation

All processes from the first customer contact to the billing is defined and organised in terms of customer satisfaction. Controlled processes lead to predictable results. That avoids inefficient activities and advances to ideal resource utilisation.

Compliance with guidelines

Our company obeys all laws and guidelines. Most important is the safety management, particularly with regard to the occupational health and safety of our employees and partners.

Continual improvement

Continual improvement is very important to be able to persist. Therefore we are open-minded for proposals and changes.

Decision making

Efficient and logical decisions in our company base on the analysation of figures, dates and facts.

Supplier-relations for mutual use

Our efforts are geared to optimize the relations to our suppliers for a mutual benefit.

Protection of the environment

The protection of the environment means for us the reduction of emissions and the reduction of the usage of natural resources. Ecology is one of our quality and economy aims.